We have been funded to deploy a free-to-use LORAWAN network across the region. The Things Connected NI network will provide the basic infrastructure for local businesses to experiment, design and test new Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services. (Closed 28 July 2018)

We are working with Ulster University’s NIBEC and the Digital Catapult to establish the Things Connected programme across Northern Ireland. Along with other Northern Ireland local councils, we have  created £145,000 of competition funds to encourage local businesses to find innovative ways to use the network to address a range of challenges across the region such as urban living, transport, smart buildings, manufacturing, digital media, tourism, agriculture and healthcare.

We launched the competition in Belfast City Hall on 9 May 2018.

Along with access to the network, Ulster University, Belfast City Council and others will also be offering companies practical support in terms of technology design, IoT cloud analytics and business development.

The IoT sector has massive growth potential over the next decade, and we want to encourage our businesses to find out how they can best exploit this technology for competitive advantage. This technology has the power to not only catapult local technology companies but also transform how traditional businesses operate.

To get started, please join the Things Connected network here  (It’s free to join and will help you understand more about the potential of this technology.)