Project Lintol is giving coders the opportunity to enhance their coding skills and win a share of £1,000 as part of their Lintol Coding Challenge, in partnership with The Open Data Institute.

What is Lintol?

Lintol is a bit like a grammar checker for open data. It’s a software tool which automatically checks thousands of rows of data and detects any fixes that need to be made before publishing. The team behind Lintol are largely drawn from Avata Industries – a collaborative network built in cooperation with Invest NI to explore opportunities for collaborative business through open source and open data.

Coding Challenge

Project Lintol is challenging you (as a team or individual) to design a processor to check unstructured data.

Different types of validation checks can be added to Lintol by building scripts called processors. For example, a processor could be designed to check for personally identifiable information such as an address, phone number, date of birth, or National Insurance Number. The possibilities for Lintol processors are endless.

What programming language can I use?

Although Python will be the focus, other programming languages are welcome. All code needs to be licensed, either MIT or Apache and publicly available by the time of submission.

Why enter?

  • £1k prize fund (£500 for 1st place, two runners up will get £250).
  • Skill-up and enhance your coding capabilities. The Lintol team will be available to share their knowledge and support you with any questions you have.
  • Showcase your coding skills to judges from leading government experts in Open Data, and renowned software developers from the global Open Source community.
  • A handy team building exercise (one that can be done remotely and safely during the Covid pandemic).
  • Opportunities to connect and network online with the Lintol team and other competitors via the Lintol Coding Challenge’s Rocket Chat channel.
  • Your code could be incorporated into Lintol, and ultimately help people around the globe access Open Data more efficiently.

Where do I sign up?

Key dates

The Challenge will launch on 22 February 2021, and end at 6pm on 8 March 2021.

More information

Find out more about Project Lintol at